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Please click on a link below to view the District's organization chart, salary schedule or a job description.
District Organization Chart
District Organization Chart
Authorized Positions and Salary Grade Values
All Positions and Grade Values
Job Description
Accessible Services Administrator
Accessible Services Eligibility Specialist
Accountant I
Accountant II
Accounting Technician
Accounts Payable Clerk
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Supervisor
Administrative Technician
Assistant Architect
Assistant Engineer
Assistant Planner
Assistant Resident Engineer
Assistant Vice President Planning, Scheduling and Implementation
Associate Architect
Associate Civil Engineer
Associate Engineer
Associate Systems Engineer
Attorney I
Attorney II
Attorney III
Bus Operator
Bus Service Worker
Capital and Project Control Administrator
Chief Auditor
Chief of Staff
Chief, Environmental Health and System Safety
Clerk to the Board
Communications Infrastructure Specialist
Community Bus Services Dispatcher Supervisor
Community Bus Services Operator
Community Bus Services Superintendent
Compliance & QA Auditor
Customer Advocate I
Customer Service Clerk
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Supervisor
Deputy Director, Legal Services-Legal Counsel
Deputy General Manager
Director, Accessible Services
Director, Bus Maintenance
Director, Civil and Track Design
Director, Construction Management
Director, Facilities
Director, Human Resources
Director, Information Technology/ Chief Information Officer
Director, Labor Relations
Director, Legal Services/Legal Counsel
Director, Light Rail
Director, Light Rail Maintenance
Director, Long Range Planning
Director, Marketing, Communications & Public Information
Director, Office Management and Budget
Director, Operations Projects
Director, Planning
Director, Procurement Services
Director, Project Management
Director, Real Estate
Director, Scheduling
Director, Systems Design
Director, Transportation
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Liaison Officer (DBELO)
EEO Administrator
Electronic Fare Collection Systems Administrator
Electronic Mechanic
Engineering Analyst I
Engineering Analyst II
Engineering Technician
Event Attendant
Executive Assistant
Facilities and Grounds Worker I
Facilities and Grounds Worker II
Facilities Electronic Technician
Facilities Maintenance Mechanic
Facilities Service Worker
Facilities Superintendent
Facilities Supervisor
Fare Prepayment Clerk
General Manager/CEO
Grants Analyst
Graphic Designer
Human Resources Administrator
Human Resources Analyst I
Human Resources Analyst II
Human Resources Trainer
Information Technology Business Systems Analyst
Information Technology Project Coordinator
Information Technology Technician I
Information Technology Technician II
Internal (Accountability and Compliance) Auditor
Journey Lineworker
Junior Engineer
Labor Relations Analyst I
Labor Relations Analyst II
Lead Event Attendant
Legal Secretary
Light Rail Assistant Mechanic
Light Rail Operator
Light Rail Service Worker
Light Rail Vehicle Technician
Lineworker Technician
Long Range Planner
Maintenance Superintendent-Bus
Maintenance Superintendent-Light Rail
Maintenance Superintendent-Wayside
Maintenance Supervisor-Bus
Maintenance Supervisor-Light Rail
Maintenance Supervisor-Wayside
Maintenance Trainer-Bus
Maintenance Trainer-Light Rail
Manager, Accounting
Manager, Community and Governmental Affairs
Manager, Customer Advocacy
Manager, Customer Service
Manager, Enterprise Resources and Databases
Manager, Grants
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Manager, Quality Assurance
Manager, Revenue
Manager, Transit Oriented Deveolpment, Real Estate
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Materiels Management Superintendent
Mechanic A
Mechanic A - Body and Fender
Mechanic A - Gas and Propane
Mechanic B
Mechanic C
Network and End User Operations Administrator
Network Operations Engineer
Network Operations Technician
Operations Superintendent-Elk Grove
Operations Training Administrator
Operations Training Specialist
Payroll Analyst
Payroll Supervisor
Payroll Technician
Pension and Retiree Services Administrator
Police Services Superintendent
Principal Civil Engineer
Principal Planner
Principal Systems Engineer
Procurement Analyst I
Procurement Analyst II
Procurement Clerk
Program Analyst
Programmer Analyst I
Programmer Analyst II
Purchasing and Materials Administrator
Quality Assurance Administrator
Quality Assurance Specialist I
Quality Assurance Specialist II
Rail Laborer
Rail Maintenance Worker
Real Estate Administrator-Acquisitions
Real Estate Administrator-Asset Management
Real Estate Administrator-Transit Oriented Development and Joint Development
Real Estate Analyst I
Real Estate Analyst II
Reception Clerk
Resident Engineer
Revenue Analyst
Revenue Clerk
Risk Administrator
Risk Analyst I
Risk Analyst II
Risk Technician
Route Check Supervisor
Route Checker
Safety Specialist I
Safety Specialist II
Schedule Analyst I
Schedule Analyst II
Senior Accountant
Senior Administrative Assistant
Senior Architect
Senior Attorney
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Classification and Compensation Analyst
Senior Clerk
Senior Community and Government Affairs Officer
Senior Customer Advocate
Senior EEO Specialist
Senior Engineering Analyst
Senior Engineering Technician
Senior Facilities Specialist
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Grants Analyst
Senior Grants Writer
Senior Human Resources Analyst
Senior Information Technology Business Systems Analyst
Senior Inspector
Senior Labor Relations Analyst
Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist
Senior Mechanic
Senior Network Operations Engineer
Senior Paralegal
Senior Planner
Senior Procurement Analyst
Senior Programmer Analyst
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist
Senior Rail Maintenance Worker
Senior Real Estate Analyst
Senior Risk Analyst
Senior Safety Specialist
Senior Schedule Analyst
Senior Social Media and Website Specialist
Senior Strategic Planner
Senior Systems Engineer
Senior Video Communications Systems Analyst
Service Planner
Special Assistant, Office of General Manager/CEO
Transit Agent
Transit Fare Inspector
Transit Officer
Transit Officer Supervisor
Transportation Superintendent - Bus
Transportation Superintendent-Light Rail
Transportation Supervisor
Treasury Clerk
Treasury Controller
Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Specialist
Vice President, Administration
Vice President, Communications and Partnerships
Vice President, Engineering and Facilities
Vice President, Finance / Chief Financial Officer
Vice President, Maintenance
Vice President, Operations
Vice President, Planning and Accountability
Vice President, Security Operations and Police Services
Vice President, Transit Services / Chief Operating Officer
Video Communications Systems Analyst

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