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Spangler Appointed Chief Counsel and Sanchez-Ochoa Appointed Deputy Chief Counsel


CONTACT: Alane Masui Wednesday, November 12, 2014
The Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) board of directors has selected Tim Spangler to lead RTís legal team.

Spangler was appointed Chief Counsel and succeeds Bruce Behrens who recently retired from RT. Spangler directs RTís litigation and transactional law services, and advises the RT board of directors, officers and employees. Spangler joined RT in 1998 and served as chief litigator for 16 years until his appointment as Chief Counsel. Prior to joining RT, Spangler was in private practice representing public agencies and then served as a Deputy City Attorney with the City of San Jose.

As Chief Counsel, Spangler has appointed Olga Sanchez-Ochoa, RT Senior Attorney, to the newly-created position of Deputy Chief Counsel. In her new role, Sanchez-Ochoa will oversee transactional law and focus on advisory work, including real estate transactions, pension law and procurement. Prior to joining RT in 2003, Sanchez-Ochoa was an Associate Attorney in Los Angeles at Leal Abich & Dominguez LLP, where her practice focused on representing and advising municipalities in the area of redevelopment law and public financing, real estate transactions, and environmental law.



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